New Images

Tamarack Fire Milky Way (Trevor Bexon)
Tamarack Fire (Trevor Bexon)
Tamarack Fire (Trevor Bexon)
The Beckwourth Complex (Trevor Bexon)
Nevada Milky Way (Trevor Bexon)
The Lava Fire (Trevor Bexon)
The Lava Fire (Trevor Bexon)
California Wildfires (Trevor Bexon)
The Hoover Dam Panorama (Trevor Bexon)
tahoe2 moon full to edit in topaz-studio.jpg
Mt Shasta Milky Way (Trevor Bexon)
Lake Champlain Sunset Rays (Trevor Bexon)
Reno Full Moon Sunset (Trevor Bexon)

“To see the world,

things dangerous to come to,

to see behind walls,

draw closer,

to find each other,

and to feel.

That is the purpose of life.”